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Watch XTIE's Performance on GRAMMYS Press Play

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XTIE is a singer, songwriter, and music producer. Aptly describing her music as “cosmic pop”, the Hong Kong producer-singer weaves shimmery yet sophisticated pop beats with candid stories about the universe. "My songs carry messages of self-love, body positivity and “the beauty of imperfections”

Blending her euphoric pop with cinematic soundscapes and heart-wrenching melodies. XTIE’s exciting cosmic pop sound is taking her global.

A R T I S T  S T A T E M E N T

I like making shimmery pop sound, it makes me feel hopeful and empowered. Not just to empowering my listeners, but also myself as a person.

As a female Asian music producer, I always feel I'm one of the odds cos women in music is underrepresented in this industry.

Music has a organic power to bring human connections. As an artist, I believe we have the power to heal, and to nurture self-confidence among audience. "Skin" and "New Classic" are two of my recent releases , that carry the message of body positivity and women empowerment.


Lauv, Tove Lo, Selena Gomez, Zara Larsson, Taylor Swift

One Phrase to describe my artistry?

Cosmic pop


S T O R Y 

"I always want to pursue my career in the music industry since I was very small. I couldn't afford to go to Berklee back then, so I studied my Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences in Hong Kong and at the same time teaching myself on on music production and learning as much as I could about music business. I am very lucky to have a lot of people supporting on this journey. Now I can proudly say I can write, produce, record and perform on my own. I do love collaborations, I just see this not as an necessity but it's an artistic choice.


I worked full time in Art Management at a charity for 6 years and saved up for my artist project and releases. Until 2023 Feb, I decided to quit my full time job to pursue music 100%. I can now call myself a DIY Artist because everything you see out there is me.  Now I am an independent artist, music producer, vocal producer, and songwriter.


I have a skin condition since I was a kid, I love to explore the ups and downs of having Eczema and skin allergy, and how I embrace body positivity along the journey.


Skin is a very personal and vulnerable piece of my song catalogue, which is also a very important song of my artist journey. The skin condition shapes XTIE’s identity as a person and as an artist.