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About XTIE

XTIE is a singer, songwriter, and music producer. Aptly describing her music as “cosmic pop”, the Hong Kong producer-singer weaves ear-candy yet sophisticated pop beats with candid stories about the universe. 

As a self-produced artist, she writes, arranges, produces, and performs her songs.  Her production credits include stellar-level acts and TV shows from Hong Kong.

​Already have garnered support from Recording Academy, Rolling Stone KR, Billboard ID, MTV Asia, BBC Radio, NOTION, Line Today TW, SCOUT Mag, etc. 

Her singles “Spaceship”, “frenemy” peaked No.1 on the RTHK Global chart.

MTV Asia praised "Not only gifted with warm jazz-tinged vocals, she also writes, arranges, produces, and performs her songs that are shimmering." NOTION praised "crafting sugar-sweet, dream-pop beats layered with razor-sharp lyricism and her attention-grabbing vocals." SCOUT raved "With honest, candid, and sometimes humorous lyrics, her vocal texture was a big factor." XTIE shows her ability to create shimmering candy-pop beats, sweeping melodies with vocal chops, mellow chill out vibes and euphoric dance-floor moments.  FLEX raved that "XTIE’s exciting pop sound is taking her global.”

​​Apart from her releases as an artist, her credits include stellar-level acts of Hong Kong, for example Janice Vidal, Alfred Hui, ViuTV King Maker IV, (a girl group idol competition) etc. She currently writes and produces for A-Pop / K-pop markets as well.

She recently performed at her debut concert “Badtime Story Live 2021” presented and supported by KKLIVE & KKBOX.

XTIE為獨立電子音樂唱作人及製作人。音樂風格為輕電子流行,受西洋民謠、 R&B、音樂劇等熏陶。歌曲獲本地及英國媒體支持,包括Billboard ID, MTV Asia, BBC Radio, NOTION, Line Today TW, SCOUT Mag等,其中 “Spaceship” 及 frenemy 登上香港電台環球榜第一位,Virgo 亦曾登上903豁達推介第三位 。


XTIE同時作為幕後音樂製作人,編曲人,為本地及歐美歌手製作音樂。近期作品包括許廷鏗《亻言》、衛蘭《我的視角》、ViuTV 《全民造星IV》主題曲《前傳2021》擔任編曲及聯合監製等。2019年加入《陳輝陽 X 女聲合唱》。



Born and raised in Hong Kong


Cosmic Pop


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